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Peering ahead to how you envision hosting your insiders for a reading? The ambience, scents, and atmosphere play a big role here—and you as the artist get to be the conduit through whom they flow. Cleansing your space before a tea, tarot or palm reading party can help create a positive and fresh environment. Here's our guide on how to cleanse your space for your most clarifying circle.

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What you need to cleanse & re-set your space

Less is more, as we are here to cleanse before bringing in the new. But a few small supplies help enhance pressing "refresh" for your setting.

  • Herbs: Bundles or loose leaves
  • Matches
  • Incense
  • Bells and/or chimes
  • Sea salt
  • Soothing music 
crystals for palm reading

How to cleanse your space for a palm reading

1. Clear clutter

A clean and organized space will help promote a positive energy flow.

  • Begin by decluttering the space
  • Remove any unnecessary items, like old papers, boxes, or shopping bags lying around
  • Move furniture out of the space that is excessive for the setting
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2. Open windows

Clear out stagnant energy and bring in a renewed sense of vitality.

how to prep space for a palm reading
  • Open the windows to let fresh air circulate throughout the space
  • Where drapes or linens can be moved to freely flow, make adjustments
  • If you happen to live in an area where bugs fly rampant, ensure those screen windows are in place

3. Smudging

A traditional herb burning practice used to cleanse and purify a space using smoke.

herbs for palm reading
  • Choose herbs such as white sage, palo santo, or cedar: loose leaves or herb bundles work
  • Ignite the herb bundle or loose leaves, creating smoke
  • Allow the smoke to waft around the space—pay special attention to corners, doorways, and windows
  • Set your intention for cleansing and invite positive energy into the space as you wave the smoke around

4. Ringing bells or chimes

A little jingle can help break up stagnant energy and create a harmonious atmosphere. 

  • Gather your bells or chimes
  • Meander around the space, gently ringing the bells or chimes in each corner and near the entrance
  • Feel free to add your own dance or fluid movement as your ring the bells throughout the area

5. Salt purification

In many traditions, salt is considered a powerful cleansing agent. 

  • Sprinkle a small amount of sea salt in each corner of the room and on the windowsills
  • Think consciously of what sorts of negativities you intend to rid the space of, since salt absorbs negative energy and purifies the space

6. Set positive intentions

Where thought goes, energy flows.

  • As you cleanse the space, visualize the energy becoming clear and vibrant
  • Set positive intentions for the palm reading party, envisioning a space filled with warmth, openness, and connection
  • Focus on 2-3 areas that you’d want guests to find clarity and positivity in, and direct intentions there

7. Play soothing music

Initiate a relaxing atmosphere with supportive sounds and enhance the overall experience.

  • Gentle instrumental music or nature sounds can help amplify your efforts to cleanse the space
  • Before your guests arrive, choose soft, calming music to play in the background during the palm reading party
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Remember, cleansing a space is a personal practice, and you can modify the steps according to your beliefs and preferences. The most important aspect is to approach the process with a positive mindset and intention to create a welcoming and energetically balanced environment for your palm reading party.

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Try these ideas with this gathering by Partyrick: Cozy Tarot, Palm, or Tea Reading 

what to prep for palm reading session

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