What is a Gender Reveal Party?

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All you need to know for a gender reveal

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Popular or unpopular opinion: Gender reveal parties are a result of social media amping up the fun of blasting blue or pink powder into the air indicating the gender of the bebe that is about to be born. Well, babies keep being born, and we don’t think the gender reveal party is going anywhere. Plus, why wouldn’t we keep having parties where confetti, cupcakes, and balloons can be involved to share an exciting life update? Here are our top tips on all things gender reveal parties.

how to do a gender reveal party

What is a gender reveal party?

A gender reveal is a party to celebrate getting together with the people close in your life who are ultimately your support base—to all find out collectively whether the expecting couple is having a boy or a girl. A gender reveal typically involves a creative method of… you guessed it, revealing the soon-to-come baby’s gender. 

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Who hosts the party? 

Typically, the soon-to-be parents will host. This is an opportunity to get friends together and talk all things baby and how life will be post-baby. In some cases, friends or family could host a gender reveal party, but they’re most likely involved with planning a baby shower, so the soon-to-be parents can take the reins on this one.

What do I bring to a gender reveal party?

No requirements here! Of course hostesses almost always appreciate it if you offer to bring a dish or dessert to share. So don’t hesitate to ask the future parents if you can help at all. But for a gender reveal party, simply your presence is standard.

What do I wear to a gender reveal? 

‘Tis the season… to dress in whatever you would wear for a social event in your area! Many times gender reveal parties are held outside (in the case of popping confetti or glitter etc), so consider shoes and an outfit that you can spend an afternoon in the backyard or a park in.

Are gifts expected? 

Gifts are not expected for gender reveal parties. Unlike a baby shower, a gender reveal is more of a social gathering, and a way for the future parents to get friends and family together in a more casual setting and enjoy the fun of finding out their baby’s gender. 

baby gender reveal party gifts

What if I really want to bring a gift anyway?

Well, don’t let us hold you back! Keep in mind, you’ll be finding out the baby’s gender at the party, so if you have a fun idea that could be even more special when specific to the gender, maybe wait until post-reveal.

What are some fun ways to announce a baby's gender?

  • Glitter bombs: Art of Sucre has you covered here. Drop glitter bombs into the party beverage of choice, and let the splash of color begin. Queue glitter, color, and all the giddy squeals. 
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  • Piñata: Stuff the piñata with either pink or blue candies or confetti. Let Mom and Dad battle it out taking turns hitting the piñata until it breaks.
  • Paint splash: Fill balloons with pink or blue paint. The expectant parents get to throw darts at the balloons— bursting them to reveal the gender through colorful splatters.
  • Cake or cupcakes: Keep the exterior neutral, and color the inside with food dye or use blue or pink filling. Surprising you with the reveal… not so surprisingly delicious.
  • Confetti poppers: Now it’s truly a party! When everyone is ready, guests simultaneously pop them to reveal the gender.
  • Balloon box: Fill a (big) box with either pink or blue helium-filled balloons. When it comes time to reveal, parents open the box. Out will float balloons and the coming baby’s gender. 
  • Scratch-off cards: Message in a bottle, but scratch-off edition. Guests get to scratch off the cards to reveal the hidden message.Hint: The message will be the gender ;) 

PS: There is (currently) no way to order these reveal agents blindly.

So! Someone gets to be the trusted person to order and receive the pink or blue reveal. The boxes typically will not indicate the color, but the person ordering needs to know. Choose wisely ;)

gender reveal ideas

At what point in the pregnancy is a gender reveal held? 

Parents will typically find out their baby’s gender between 18 - 20 weeks. So, the best time to host a gender reveal party would be in the window when the pregnant mom is enjoying getting out and about and is feeling physically well on a steady schedule. Anytime between 21-30 weeks would be a great time to schedule a reveal. Just make sure you allow time to order the right gender reveal colors post finding out. 

A few tips to note:

  • Guests: Hold off on posting the reveal on socials. Save the fun of announcing the baby’s gender for the parents! 
  • Hosts: Keep the guest list small. You’ll want this to feel like a comfortable, friendly atmosphere to truly enjoy time together.

So go on and enjoy the fun that only comes with revealing the surprise of a coming baby. Whether it’s confetti or a piñata, it’s sure to be a party you’ll remember.

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