Our Top Tips for Your Best Spritz Bar Summer

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Set up a spritz bar for your next gathering

Make the ultimate summer drink accessible for everybody at your next party

It’s summertime meaning the sun is out and people are ready to socialize. Our favorite way to spruce up any social gathering? The spritz bar. What we love about it is that regardless of the drinking preferences of a group, a spritz bar offers something for everyone. Drink-free summer for Sarah? Pour on the club soda. Wyatt’s decided to let go of drinking for the time being? More sparkling water please. If Luke wants to keep his steady buzz going all summer long, extra bubbly for him. And for Sophia who likes a light drink from time to time, the spritz is perfect. Here’s how to set up a spritz bar for your next get-together. 

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The basics of building a spritz

Think sparkling white wine… and simply build from there. The key is equal amounts of any bitter liquor, sparkling white wine, and club soda over ice. 

  1. Shop for ingredients (below)
  2. Write out easy DIY ‘Spritz Starter’ directions
  3. Pick out glassware 
  4. Arrange your spritz bar
  5. Pour the ice into buckets
  6. Get your spritz on

DIY Directions

Write these on a cute chalkboard or notepad to give your guests easy guidelines.

  1. Scoop ice into your glass
  2. Pour ⅓ prosecco, ⅓ club soda, and ⅓ liqueur (optional)
  3. Add garnish!
Pro Tip: You can't mess it up ;)

How much sparkling wine do you need?

Typically, a bottle of sparkling wine will serve six glasses. When you’re adding all the fun mix-ins of a spritz, you can pour more like 8-10 servings. Another reason to love the spritzes!

how to build a spritz bar
Pro Tip: Estimate two spritzes per hour per guest. 

Buy your sparkling wine accordingly ;) Plus, can you really have too much left over?

Ingredients to buy:

  • Prosecco / champagne
  • Liqueur
  • ~St-Germain
  • ~Galliano Autentico
  • ~Limoncello
  • ~Pimms
  • ~Gins of all kinds
  • Club sodas
  • Juices
  • Garnish
  • ~Oranges 
  • ~Berries
  • ~Sliced watermelon
  • ~Lime or lemon
  • Ice
mocktail recipes 2023 summer
Pro Tip: Champagne and Prosecco are both sparkling wines. How do they differ? Champagne began in France, and Prosecco has Italian origins.

Spritz recipes:

Try a quick Google search to find all the options you need…or narrow things down when you ask ChatGPT. 

  • Aperol spritz (the classic!)
  • Hugo spritz
  • Campari spritz
  • Lillet spritz
  • Rose aperol spritz
  • Cynar spritz
how to make a spritz bar

How to make your spritz bar even better

Consider these bonus points to make your spritz bar extra sparkly.

  • Set up ‘how-to’ signage featuring recipe ideas for guests to make their own. It’s common for people to not know the right proportions—keep them comfortable!
  • Make your own ice cubes: We promise it’s fun and way lower lift than you’d think
  • Festive straws 
  • Stir stix
  • Display your garnishes in cocktail glasses
  • To-go cups: We love Tossware
Pro Tip: Mix up your glassware! 

There’s something so fun about guests having the option to select from various options. It’s like cute coffee mugs, but party edition. 

Press play on these playlists

Psst, turn up these Spotify playlists the next time you set up a spritz bar. May the tunes encourage dancing and the spritz spur it on.

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