Top Tips for Exploring New York City

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Local Partytrick: NYC

Your destination guide from a resident New Yorker

New York City is one of those iconic cities that most people want to make their way to at some point in their lives. Whether you've dreamt about it from watching Sex in the City, Friends, Gossip Girl, or The Devil Wears Prada, or are lured in by the art, fashion, or culture that abounds, you can't deny it when NYC calls. Here are our top tips for time in the Big Apple—and how to fit in as you make your way through the city.

1. Walk with a purpose

New Yorkers make moves when they’re moving through town. If you want to move slowly, be considerate of locals and try not to take up the entire sidewalk while wandering around town.

2. Houston: How to say it

One of the easiest ways to spot a tourist is a mispronunciation of Houston Street. It’s pronounced "How-stun", not "Hue-stun". Speaking of Houston Street, SoHo is an acronym for South of Houston Street. You're welcome.

best nyc pizza

3. NYC food wars

New York City is home to some of our all-time favorite foods: pizza and bagels. Here's how to spot the ones the locals seek out... and give your taste buds the satisfaction they crave.

Where to find the best pizza slice

Where to find the best bagels

4. Hail a cab the right way

A taxi in NYC has three basic light signs on the roof of the car. You can only hail the ones where the numbers in the middle are lit up. When you see one coming, hold up your arm with your hand out flat—like you’re high-fiving somebody. (Then you can high-five yourself for making it happen).

5. Sail around the city

Venturing throughout the city on foot, in taxi cabs, and on the subway is great. But take it a step up (or a sail) and set up a sightseeing boat tour around the New York Harbor and Hudson River. City views from the water? We can get onboard with that. We highly recommend Sunset Schooner

how to fit in new york city
Pro Tip: The Sunset Schooner sail comes with a complimentary beer, wine, champagne or soft drink!

6. Venture beyond Manhattan

The Big Apple really does have so much to offer. Opt not to just stay in Manhattan—some of the best parts of NYC are in the other boroughs. Check out Brooklyn, NoHo, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten Island, to mix things up. 

7.  Take the subway

You’re not going to find a faster way around town than the subway. Especially during rush hour. And how chic do you feel getting on and off the subway donning your city outfit and tapping on like a local? 

Pro Tip: The MTA now accepts Apple Pay, so skip the line waiting buy a MetroCard.

8. Avoid Times Square

Trust us, unless you’re catching a Broadway show, there isn’t a reason to head there. 

9. Catch the ferry

Looking for the best views of Manhattan? Get out on the water! Take the East River Ferry between Manhattan to Brooklyn for a pleasant, inexpensive, and, most of all, fun way to experience the city.

10. Little Island 

Catch live events on a lawn overlooking the water. From concerts to comedy and dance, these summer events are free and open to the public. See you there.

Pro Tip: Check out free programming

Other great views

In a city with so many sights and skyscrapers, make your way to these rooftops and key places to take in the city.

  • Rooftop of the Met
  • Dumbo riverfront or, head to the intersection of Washington Street and Water Street with all the tourists
  • Roosevelt Island tramway
  • Jackie Onassis Reservoir in Central Park
  • Summit One Vanderbilt
  • The Edge
  • West Side Highway

Top Museums in NYC

Once you’re ready for time inside and to stock up on a touch of history and art, stop by one of these renowned museums.

  • Guggenheim
  • The Met
  • Cooper Hewitt
  • Jewish Museum
  • Museum of New York City
  • MoMa
  • Whitney Museum

So get going and make your way over to New York. Once you're there, take it all in and sing to yourself, whether along with your AirPods or solo and proud: 

"Welcome to New York!"

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