How to Host A Mother Daughter Clothing Swap

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Celebrate Mom In Style

Suppose you grew up rummaging through your mother or grandmother’s closets trying on high heels four sizes too big or decadent heirloom jewelry that made you feel like Diana. Then you are probably also the kind of girl whose favorite mother-daughter activity is a little shopping excursion (courtesy of her credit card, of course). In that case, you’re going to love this Mother-Daughter Clothing Swap Party! Because who knows? That perfect vintage find might have been hiding in your mom’s closet all along!

Planning the Party: 

First things first, mark your calendars! Whether you decide to host the party on Mother’s Day or the weekend before, ensure your girl squad and their stylish moms receive invites at least a week and a half in advance. 

Be sure to include all the pertinent details: date, time, location, and what haute items to bring. Since this concept might be a fresh twist for many, set the tone with a clear explanation of the clothing swap concept and ignite excitement for what promises to be a fabulous, fashion-forward affair.

Invitation Inspiration:

Think feminine designs, playful fonts, and catchy phrases. Include a brief rundown of the clothing swap concept and a gentle nudge to bring forth those gently-loved pieces that deserve a second life on the runway of your closet.

Here are some invitation inspirations that we adore!

Setting Up the Scene:

Now, let’s transform your space into the most exclusive boutique in town!

1. Start by raiding your own closet and gathering the clothes you’re ready to part with.

2. Transform your space into the coolest boutique in town. 

3. Lay out the clothes on display, organize them by category (dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories), and create designated areas for browsing. 

4. Use vintage suitcases to display smaller items like purses and scarves. 

5. Drape a table with your favorite patterned tablecloth to display baubles and shades, ensuring your guests feel like they’ve stepped into a veritable treasure trove of style.

Pro Tip: Prop a mirror on a chair or stool so that you’re guests can admire their new finds. Hang your clothes on a clothesline or standing rack for easy viewing and encourage guests to mix and match outfits.

Here are some creative ways to hang things so that your guests will actually feel like they’re in a vintage treasure trove! 

Hosting the Swap:

Once everyone arrives, kick off the party with some refreshments and light bites. Dive headfirst into the main event—the clothing swap—where guests can peruse the curated selections, experiment with daring combinations, and unearth their next fashion obsession. 

Finally, towards the end of the party, host a mini fashion show to allow each guest to strut their stuff and showcase their sartorial discoveries. Not only is it a great way to bond with your mom and friends, but it also champions sustainability by breathing new life into pre-loved pieces without breaking the bank.

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