How to Dress Up Your Tablescape this Fall

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What to decorate your fall table with

How ‘bout them gourds?

Once you’ve mastered how to set your fall table, you’re ready to bring in the embellishments of autumn. Call in the falltime fairies! Time to learn how to decorate your table for fall, and what to add in just the right amount. Throw on your coziest sweater, pour yourself a PSL (or some pumpkin spice punch), and use these elements to make your next dinner party unbe-leaf-able. 

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1. Apple votive candles

Like caramel apple suckers, but a few decades more mature and lighting up your table. Though we wouldn’t say no to a few suckers…

how 'bout them apples? 

2. Decorate with dried fruit

Elevate your tablescape by adding dried fruit! Learn how to create your own dehydrated fruit here, or ease up your to-do list and buy dried orange slices from Trader Joe’s.

DIY Pumpkin Candle Holders
DIY Pumpkin Candle Holders by Zevy Joy

3. Pumpkin candle holders

To complement the apples… and because there is no such thing as too many pumpkins. 

DIY in less than 10 minutes

4. Pumpkin runner

Place a piece of wood (bonus points for a rustic or reclaimed piece!), and line up small pumpkins and gourds down the middle. Take it another branch up with acorns and leaves from outside.

how to in 5 minutes

Leaf Placecards by Jennifer Rizzo

5. Leaf placecards

Because a personalized place at the table is something everyone can appreciate. 

6. Pile on the persimmons

Find a large, shallow bowl and fill it with persimmons: A fruit that is the perfect fall color. Add in some other greens for an even more colorful table.

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7. Lean into seasonal produce

Who said flowers are the only thing you can decorate with? We love bringing fresh produce to our tablescapes, especially using seasonal items like squash and whole stemmed carrots (leave on the tops, they make a fun green addition!)

While you're setting your table into the most festive of fall get-ups, may as well get some fall festivities on the calendar.

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