How to Look Like a Local at Aspen Food & Wine

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Your Partytrick to experiencing the Aspen classic without looking like a gaper

Coming to Aspen: June 14-16, 2024

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"A place where the beer flows like wine where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. A little place called Aspen." —Lloyd Christmas, Dumb and Dumber

…And, this weekend there is plenty of both flowing here at 7,908 ft.

No one wants to look like a silly tourist. So, here are some of our top tips and tricks to fit into Aspen while you’re here enjoying the Aspen Food & Wine Classic.

1. Where the Maroon Bells actually are

You cannot see the Maroon Bells from the roundabout. Please don’t say that you love seeing it there. The mountain you can see is Pyramid Peak, which is, you guessed it, a Pyramid. 

2. Take off your badge when you exit the tent

The moments in life when you forget to take off your name tag just aren’t typically ones you want to relive. Here’s our tip in advance to kindly remove your badge outside of the tent. No, it’s not cool to wear it around town like a badge of honor. 

3. Where to go to buy nearly anything: Carl’s Pharmacy

Your good ol’ general store, and the go-to for anything you may desire over the weekend. If you need it, and Carl’s doesn’t have it, you likely won’t find it elsewhere in Aspen. 

  • Hours: 9AM-9PM
  • Address: 306 E Main St, Aspen, CO 81611

4. How to say gondola

In Aspen, it’s “GON-dola”. Emphasis on the ‘gon’. It’s evident who isn’t from Aspen when they pronounce gondola wrong. Will you take the gondola? Not necessarily. Will you hear the gondola mentioned as a point of reference? Absolutely. 

aspen food & wine classic dates 2023

5. Pedestrians: BEWARE

Check both ways before crossing streets. The drivers can get pretty distracted by all the “views” in this town… from the mountains to the people. You may think you have the right-of-way—you don’t. Plus, the haze that Food & Wine has on people slows down the drivers’ instincts. We’re not saying they’re drinking and driving… but, better not test it out. 

when is aspen food and wine classic

6. Drivers: Read this

Pedestrians don’t check both ways before crossing streets. Sometimes, they don’t check even one way. Drive carefully. Additionally, the stop signs in Aspen may or may not make sense. We’d air more on the side of not. AKA, take an extra look around when maneuvering a vehicle. Lastly, some roads that were 2-way when you were here last year are now 1-way streets. BE CAREFUL and make no assumptions this sleepy town has stayed the same. 

when is aspen classic 2023

7. Visit Herron Park to take a breath

If you need a quiet escape from the chaos, head over to Herron. This is the best spot to escape the scene for some space to yourself. Queue in peace and quiet. Plus, the park has water. So after a few hours in the event tents, this park is truly all you need.

aspen food & wine classic 2023

8. Kemo Sabe: We love you

And so does every tourist in town. Yes, locals wear Kemo, but maybe not out at 2am. 

9. Sunscreen: Use it

Don’t forget it. It’s HOT & HIGH up here. If you don’t cover your skin, be prepared to look like some of the delicious lobster and crab you’re being served this weekend.  

10. Water: Drink lots of it

It’s good for your skin, and multitasks for your hangover. You may find yourself parched while in Aspen. Drink way more water than you would at lower altitudes. And, with the salt and booze consumed at Food & Wine, you’ll want to double down on the H2O.

11. What not to do on hikes

Blasting your soundtrack out loud when hiking certainly sets a vibe… and also one that screams gaper. You’ve been warned.

aspen food and wine classic 2023

12. Drinking and driving

Just don’t. Did you know that Tipsy Taxi is available throughout Aspen and…what you may have not known about it, below.

Fun Fact: The Tipsy Taxi program is largely funded by Jimmy Buffet. 

13. Woody Creek Tavern

Just a 20-minute bike ride out of town. Yes, it’s down the hill. But yes, there will be taxis and ubers available to bring you back.

  • Hours: 11AM-9PM
  • Address: 2858 Upper River Rd, Woody Creek, CO 81656
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Header image courtesy of Aspen Food & Wine

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