Host a Watch Party: And Just Like That

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June 22nd, 2023 on HBO Max

Catch And Just Like That, back for more!

“Maybe don’t say that to her.” –Anthony

“Oh, I already did.” –Stanford

There will be plenty more of that, come Season 2 Premiere of And Just Like That. The gang is back, and we can't wait. All you need to get your gal pals and more together to watch, below.

when is ajlt season 2
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To Invite

There’s tons of invite inspo to draw from here. Here are some of our favs from our friends at HiNote:

when is and just like that premiere

To Eat

“Oh my god, who ordered the french fries?” —Lisa

Serve up all-out, traditional New York classics like these:

  • Pizza
  • Hot dogs
  • Pretzels
Bonus points for serving out of these containers to match *the* newspaper dress

To Drink

“I love some good purse wine.” –Carrie

Cosmos, obviously! Name each drink after a different character:

  • The Carrie
  • The Samantha
  • The Charlotte
  • The Miranda

To Decorate

“I think I was just so worried about saying the wrong thing in this climate that I said all the wrong things.” —Miranda

Think city slickers and GNO vibes.

To Wear

“I remember when you kept your sweaters on the stove.” –Big

This is where you dress to the nines. New York City style.

  • Channel the OG SATC ladies or embody one of the newest AJLT characters—just don’t forget to look your best.
  • Recreate the newspaper dress
  • Bust out a white tiered tutu
  • Grab your favorite LBD: An ode to Carrie Bradshaw
  • Take a Which SATC character are you? quiz and dress up as the character
and just like that premiere

To Listen

The options, the tunes, the dances and feels you can do to these.

To Play

where to watch and just like that

To Gift

“Do I look like someone who attaches any significance to hair? I let mine go gray, and I don’t care that it makes me look old.” —Miranda

For more watch parties, and hosting experiences of all types: 

check out partytrick

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