Barbie Movie 2023: Let's Party!

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Get ready for Barbie the movie

In theaters July 21st

You're never too old to take a nod from one of your childhood's favorite toys, Barbie. Barbie remains a symbol of female empowerment 64 years after first hitting the scene (looking good, girl!) and embodies that joie-de-vivre that we at Partytrick love! 

With the July 21st premiere of the Barbie movie, we've put together the best of Barbie World out there for a fun night with your girls (Ken’s optional)... and even some fun ideas to put a Malibu spin on it if you want to take things out of your Dreamhouse—it is summer after all. 

Drive windows down this summer to the official soundtrack: Barbie The Album
when does Barbie Movie come out 2023
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To Invite

Ideas for invites abound. Take a note from the experts over at HiNote:

barbie world the movie barbie 2023

To Wear

Be a doll. This is your time to wear anything out there you’ve been needing an excuse for. Barbie went for it; so can you. 

Margot Robbie barbie movie 2023

For the Kens out there:

Cut-Off Jean Jacket

To Eat

Inspired by pink, need we say more? 

Display your pink sweets in glass containers to complete the look.
barbie world movie 2023 barbie movie snack ideas

To Drink

Welcome to Barbie Land: Where the sips are sweet and obviously pink. 

barbie style drink barbie cocktail

To Decorate

Make your place a Dreamhouse with these pops of pink. 

How To Arrange Flowers

  • Bright Pink Flowers: Grab whatever is in season and available at your grocer, such as roses, peonies, or ranunculus and follow our guide to making the perfect arrangement.

 How To Make A Balloon Arch 

Make it a Pool Party

Take things outside and soak up the sun Barbie-style. 

barbie movie decor ideas

To Listen

“I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world” on repeat, along with these other beats to dance to all summer long. 

To Play

Barbie may play games with one too many hearts, but we never say no to a game of Uno.

To Gift

Because Barbie just has a knack for knowing what’s it when it comes to trends. 

Come on Barbie, let's go party

For more parties and hosting experiences of all types: 

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