Host a Party: Juneteenth

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How to celebrate Juneteenth

June 19th, 2024

Juneteenth: The official holiday to celebrate the day in American history that the Civil War was officially announced over, freeing all enslaved people. Call it Freedom Day, Liberation Day, Emancipation Day, or America’s Second Independence Day. On June 19th, we celebrate freedom for all in America. 

This holiday is a meaningful time to gather with others in your community, reflect on the past, share hopes for the future, and celebrate freedom. Here’s how to prep for Juneteenth celebrations:

how to host for juneteenth

To Eat

Savory, summery, and traditional. Did we mention delicious? 

what to eat for juneteenth
Pro Tip: Make it a Take-Out Party! Support your local Black-owned restaurant and order from them.

To Drink

Red-hued beverages in honor of the lives lost throughout slavery.

juneteenth drinks

To Decorate

Turn up the mood of celebration with these themed decorations. 

Opinion: Juneteenth is more than a Connecticut state holiday

To Listen To

Queue the funk, set the vibe, get the grooves going.

Did you know: The Pan-African flag’s colors mean:
  • Red: Represents the bloodshed of African people over the course of history, especially in the time period when liberation was not recognized.
  • Black: Signifies pride and strength, along with unifying the identity of African people worldwide.
  • Green: Symbolizes hope and upcoming prosperity of the land and development of Africa.

To Do: Represent

Rep the celebration in colors

To Play: Games

  • Jump rope: For the kids 
  • Bingo: Featuring people, events, and symbols of Juneteenth history
  • ~DIY or order these from Etsy
  • Musical chairs: Double time with that funk music coming up in the playlists below, and get the laughs and flashback to childhood going.

To Involve the Kids

How to celebrate Juneteenth craft stick flag.

To Send Them Home With

So they can recall and reflect back on the fun of your Juneteenth party, and all that it means for history.

So celebrate Juneteenth with pride this year and all that it means for equality throughout the United States. Liberty and justice for all.


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