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What to do for Oktoberfest 2023: We have you covered (in lederhosen, obviously). But do you know why Oktoberfest started? It all started in honor of celebrating a love story in Germany a long, long time ago. Back in 1810, on October 12th, Kronprinz Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The royal wedding happened in Munich, Germany of course, which is where festivities began. Kronprinz went on to later become King Ludwig I of Bavaria, and it sounds like they lived happily ever after. And we now join in celebrating their love all over the world. Prost, to hosting an Oktoberfest party at home, in your neighborhoods, or wherever this fall finds you.

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To Drink

Three guesses and two don’t count.

  • Beer! Oktoberfest beer!
  • ~Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with ice to make a pumpkin cooler
  • Our friends at Brit + Co concocted this Sparkling Pumpkin Cider Beertail and we cannot wait to try it

Offer alternative cocktails and NA beverages for those who don’t love beer. We love this fall sangria and pumpkin spice punch (non-alcoholic!)

To Eat

The beer will need to be absorbed by something, so we recommend you start here.

close up shot of large pretzels

To Decorate

When your friends are running around donning braids and bearing steins, any bystander could identify your party. To take it to the next level, here’s your decor inspo.

Pro Tip: Scatter store bought mini pretzels and stalks of wheat down the table to enhance your tablescape!
  • Drinkware: This is one party where the drinkware matters. Here are our suggestions for our favorite Oktoberfest glasses:
  • ~Das Boot
  • ~Glass beer mugs
  • ~Extra points  for throwing these in the freezer to create frosted beer glasses! 
  • Oktoberfest themed drink coozies? Yes please.
  • Deck the halls with Oktoberfest banners! 
  • ~This is a fun and easy DIY! Here’s a great how-to
  • ~Bavarian pennant decorations - Amazon 
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  • Go all out with an Oktoberfest tablecloth, or use a runner if you just want a hint of Bavarian flare on  your table
  • Use these plates to serve everything up

To wear

We’d say “attire encouraged” but… we all know it’s more fun if it’s their required ticket at the door. When in… Munich?

Girl wearing a dirdl for Oktoberfest
  • Encourage guests to go all-out with dirndl and lederhosen, or give them the option to come in just a checkered shirt. Either way, use this guide to learn all about the traditional Oktoberfest fashions.
  • Some hair inspo to go with every look!
  • Oktoberfest nail art

Top playlists

Turn up these festive playlists to prost to:

To do

Besides drink beer and flaunt your lederhosen, you mean? A few themed activities to add a bit of extra fest to the party.

men cheers beer in a restaurant with happy faces
  • There are only six breweries that can serve beer at the official Oktoberfest festival. Host a beer tasting with the different types of ales for everybody to try in these glasses!
  • Set up an Oktoberfest photobooth with these fun props

To play

We don’t make the Oktoberfest rules, but here are a few games that are sure to get a laugh from your guests… especially after a few pints.

  • Masskrugstemmen: a German beer stein holding contest
  • Hammerschlagen: a game in which participants drive nails into wood…
  • Stein racing: Guests will need to run a designated length and back while carrying a liter stein full of beer without spilling. The person who ends the race with the most beer in their mug is the winner!

So come one, come all, whether your friends are beer drinkers or just looking for a reason to hail in the start of fall and all the festivities it brings. “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit”. Apparently it translates somewhat to: “a toast to well-being”. Aka, go have fun and be well.

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