Activities for a Halloween Party with Kids

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Halloween themed games for kids

Sporty & not too spooky

Turn up “Monster Mash” and ghost-bust out your funky costumes: Hosting a kids party for halloween is the prime chance to get silly, slimy, and a little bit sticky. They’re simple, easy to teach, and right on theme. These kids' Halloween games are sure to spook just a little, and cause ghoul-like giggles for sure.

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Picture kids in costumes running, rolling around, and chasing after pumpkins. That's how you know you've held a successful Halloween kids party.

Mummy race

Get the kids up and moving so they are all tired out when they get home. 

  1. Have a roll of toilet paper on hand for each participating child.
  2. Divide the kids into teams of two or more.
  3. Designate teams to have one "mummy" and one "wrapper."
  4. The mummies must stand still while their teammates wrap them from head to toe in toilet paper, turning them into spooky mummies.
  5. The first team to finish wrapping their mummy and reach the finish line is the winner!

Bobbing for apples

Set up a tub of water and float several apples in it. Have the children take turns trying to grab an apple with their teeth while keeping their hands behind their backs – it's a classic and giggly Halloween game!

Mini Halloween parade

Create a costume parade by designating a runway area where everybody can showcase their costumes. Then, it’s time for everyone to strut their stuff, strike poses, and have a mini fashion show!

Pumpkin sweep

Another one to get the kids moving: if you have a lawn or backyard, divide kids and guests into teams and give each team a pumpkin and a broom. Watch as everybody tries to sweep their pumpkins across the finish line - it’s harder than it sounds!

Craft time-esque

To slow things down a bit (and gather up those slimy mummies and sticky pumpkins from rolling amok), call the kids together for some magical, mysterious interests worth gathering around.

Mystery box

Create a Halloween mystery box activity for your next party, where participants can reach into closed containers, sight unseen, and touch objects resembling eyeballs, guts, and other slimy surprises. The twist? This is incredibly easy to put together, as the contents of each box are items you probably already have around the house:

  • Cooked and cold spaghetti for worms
  • Peeled grapes for eyeballs
  • Fake fur for a dead animal
  • Slivered almonds: fingernails
  • You get the point!

Make your own magical potion

This is the ultimate witchy and cool craft for kids, but we are sure some adults might join in on this fun, too! Start saving glass bottles so you don’t have to buy any just for the party.

Edible haunted houses

We love a gingerbread house, but we don’t love whatever rule saves these delicious treats just for the winter holidays. Keep it easy by using store-bought graham crackers to bring edible treats to life for guests of all ages.

Make your own Halloween slime

Even though most kids view this as a year-round activity, you can put a Halloween-spin on this craft by using oranges, greens, and purples and using spooky names for the finished products.

That's enough spook and slime for now. If you get through all these games and "crafts", we think you deserve an extra lap around the trick or treating block.

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