8 Ideas for Date Night at Home

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Date Night, edition: Don't go anywhere

We all hear that date night is important for our relationships. But what are we to do when date night rolls around every seven days… and that’s if we’re lucky enough to make time to prioritize a designated time with our partner. We totally get that creativity in the date planning department can leave you feeling like your brain has nothing left to give on a Friday at work after lunch. Which is why we’ve compiled eight date ideas at home. So you can plan your next eight weeks worth of date nights: Home edition.

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1. Go fruit picking and make a cobbler

While fruit is seasonal, we won’t take excuses for this one. Summer: Peaches or Cherries. Fall/Winter: Apples. Spring: Strawberries. There, now you know that you can pick fruit any time of year. What do we love about cobblers? They’re basically the very elementary version of pies. Without the intricate crust, cobblers are delicious without the difficulty. But hey, if you’re looking for a level up, jump into the pie arena.

2. Make it a picnic outside

Is everything better when you add a basket and a checkered blanket, or is that just us? Whether you have a picnic basket or not, you can’t go wrong when you set up a blanket outside and arrange a few snacks. Bonus items: 

  • Pillows
  • Speaker
  • Game: Not Really Strangers, Blank Slate, or Scattergories
  • Flowers
  • Extra blanket, because #cozy
Couple laying on a picnic blanket in a field

3. Stargaze in your backyard

We understand this one isn’t original… but can you remember the last time you actually did this together? Here is your excuse to get outside and look up. There’s never been a night looking up at stars that we haven’t enjoyed.

Pro Tip: Pull up the Nightsky app to identify various starscapes and constellations together. Or, study up yourself beforehand and show off. 

4. Do a jigsaw puzzle

Hear us out. You maybe whipped the puzzles out back in 2020 when at-home activities became the norm. But can you remember the last puzzle you actually completed? The neat thing about doing puzzles together is that they are mentally stimulating, they don’t require conversation—but they do encourage conversation, and you’re solving something together. Date. Night. Win.

5. Learn a dance

Whether YouTube (or TikTok) inspired, give it a go. At home, no one's watching, so there’s no one to be nervous you’re making fools of yourselves in front of.

6. Take a scenic drive

Yes, this does break the rule of “at home” . But, for good reason: The concept here is that simply getting in your car together to go for a drive is soothing, restorative, and oh so wonderful. No timelines, no reservations to make, slow down for the yellow lights, cruise into the country, or find a bridge to roll your windows down over. 

Pro Tip: Pick your playlist ahead of time. Check out Road Trip West by Partytrick if you need a lil inspo.

7. Cook a brand new recipe

Ok, so we cheated here and did include dinner. But the aspects here of 1) choosing a new recipe together and 2) learning the never-before-done steps together truly do take you beyond your typical dinner night. Pick 2-3 options and send to your partner beforehand, to pare down the deciding process come date night.\

Turn the volume up to this playlist: Dancing in the Kitchen by Spotify. 

8. Wine taste

That's right: Pick up 3-4 bottles and analyze the sips together. We would recommend pairing your sips with a board of snacks of sorts. Dealer’s choice. 

Two girls eating pizza and drinking wine on the couch

Who knew date night could be affordable and beneficial for your relationship at home? We’re fans of you, so we’re rooting for your relationship. What can we say, we love love!

Bonus Content:

For the ultimate at-home date night surprise set-up... here's your inspo.

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