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Friendship Bracelets: Swiftie Edition

Dear Reader,

Heading to see everyone’s BFF Taylor Swift in concert this summer? Lucky you. Or should we say Lucky One? We know the lottery was no joke to wait in to score your seats (even our brother-in-law got in on it…IKR?) and this Cruel Summer is finally here. Here are our top tips for what you need for friendship bracelets to get ready for the Eras tour. They’re not Bejeweled, and they’ll never go out of Style. Believe us: Taylor’s tour Hits Different this time. 

Taylor Swift travels through time during opening night of the 'Eras Tour' |  CNN
“So make the friendship bracelets. Take the moment and taste it. You've got no reason to be afraid.”

Why the friendship bracelets for Taylor’s Eras tour? 

You’ve maybe seen them by now, and we’re here to fill you in on the how and the why. The whole friendship bracelet craze started from the lyric: “So make the friendship bracelets. Take the moment and taste it. You've got no reason to be afraid” from Taylor’s song, “You’re On Your Own Kid" on the Midnights album. Since this tour kicked off in March 2023, fans have been seen trading bracelets with each other all over the stadium. Swifties are also trading bracelets with Taylor’s parents and celebrities in the tent. Baby, we're the New Romantics. And we’re so in on this trend.

What to put on your friendship bracelets

This is where you get to bring out your inner-Taylor and spell out TS-specific symbols, phrases, or our personal favorite: Song titles. Manifest your upcoming surprise song. Hot take: Taylor plays two surprise songs each night that are not on the setlist. Once a surprise song is played, she won’t play it again on tour. Lots of fans are making bracelets to “manifest” their show’s surprise songs. Here’s your chance to give it a shot.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour friendship bracelets
Hot take: Taylor plays two surprise songs each night that are not on the setlist.

Ideas to spell out on your bracelets:

  • ~All Too Well Ten Minute Version Taylor’s Version
  • “YBWM”
  • ~You Belong With Me
  • “TLGAD”
  • ~The Last Great American Dynasty
  • ~We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  • “IKYWT”
  • ~I Knew You Were Trouble
  • “LWYMMD”
  • ~Look What You Made Me Do
  • Album names
Taylor Swift's New Single: Album (or Two) to Follow? | The Cornell Daily Sun
  • ~1989
  • ~Red
  • ~Reputation
  • ~Debut
  • ~Fearless
  • ~Lover
  • ~Speak Now
  • ~Folklore
  • ~Evermore
  • Popular Songs
  • ~Fifteen, Love Story, Red, You Belong With Me (YBWM), Lover, Delicate, Speak Now, Dear John, Cruel Summer, Enchanted, Haunted, Karma, Maroon, August, Clean, Blank Space, Style, Tim Mcgraw, Our Song, Fearless



The more the merrier—we’re buying in bulk for sure.

taylor swift friendship bracelets eras tour


“It feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight” …and these various other ideas for bites. 

  • Hershey Kisses: Based on the song “Last Kisses”
  • Illicit Eclairs: Inspired by “Illicit Affairs” on Folklore album
  • Chicken Satay: “All you had to do was satay”
  • Cowboy Caviar: Back to Taylor’s roots, “Cowboy (caviar) like me”
  • Falafel: “Jump then fal(afel)”
  • Cookie dough: Because who doesn’t love it, cooked or raw. “Look what you made me dough!”

Turn It Into A Takeout Party


Let the lyrical genius moments abound as the sips are poured.

taylor swift drink ideas
  • Rosè: Do as Taylor would do and serve “cheap ass screw-top rosè” (or steal your roommate’s)
  • Lavender Haze cocktail: No explanation necessary.
  • Champagne: Serve up the bubbly inspired by the “Champagne Problems”
  • Bad Blood Orange Drinks: It’s bourbon but it’s fun, and it’s “Bad Blood” 
  • Old Fashioned: “I knew from the first old fashioned we were cursed” —Getaway Car
  • Whiskey: “And you know I love Springsteen, faded blue jeans, Tennessee whiskey” —London Boy

What to wear

Break out your best outfit that will make the whole place shimmer. We don’t think you’ll be choosing your cardigan this time… but you sure can sing it.

what to wear taylor eras tour
  1. Dress up as your favorite Taylor Swift era. We’re talking jewel tones and glitter for Midnights, red ensembles for Red, LBDs for Reputation… you get the picture.
  2. Make outfit TikToks with your friends before the concert. So many trends!


This goes without saying, but in case you needed guidance for which of the endless playlists to choose from.

r/TaylorSwift - what's your favorite Taylor swift album cover?
Speak Now (Taylor's Version) album drops on midnight July 7th!


Leave no Blank Spaces on the walls. Taylor’s vibe offers countless ideas for how to set the scene for your friendship party, so here are a few starting points for you.

  • Backdrop: Looking for a photoshoot moment? We love this backdrop for a Midnights-style shot. Or, pick a different color to match your favorite Taylor era.
  • ~Can’t choose your favorite? Combine all the eras for the ultimate backdrop.
  • ~Make your own! Easy DIY backdrop
  • Polaroids: Taylor also loved polaroid pictures and they’re very reminiscent of her 1989 album. 
  • New York Decor: “Welcome to New York”. Plus, Taylor loves New York City and she has written so many songs about it. Did you know… Cornelia Street is in NYC!
  • Choose an album and decorate based on that album’s color and lyrics
  • ~Debut: Green
  • ~Fearless: Yellow/Gold
  • ~Speak Now: Purple
  • ~1989: Blue
  • ~Reputation: Black
  • ~Lover: Pink
  • ~Folklore: Grey
  • ~Evermore: Tan/Brown
  • ~Midnights: Navy Blue/Midnight Blue
THE ERAS COLOR Palette Poster Taylor Swift Poster Swiftie Gift Taylor Swiftie

Well are you ready or what to get those friendship bracelets together. You’re definitely not on your own here, kid. We’re with you. Swifties FR. If your tears ricochet, know that we’re right here with you. We hope she’s not the last great American dynasty, but we’re with her all the way.

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