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Parties are all about the photo-ops, right? (We know they’re about so much more than that… but like, the photos really do matter). It’s not quite ideal to take a photo sitting at your table scarfing down that exquisite food you made. Though we trust your tablescape is #fire. When planning a party at home, what you need is a backdrop for everyone to gather in front of and shoot some A-list style content. We’re talking reel-worthy. After all, if there isn’t a post about it, did it really happen? Check out the following backdrops to set the new backbone for your party. Party planning checklist: One more thing crossed off.

Spoiler alert: These backdrops are easy to make. Fire up your Amazon cart and get to styling.

how to make a backdrop


What you need:

How to set up:

  1. Pick your space for the backdrop. Determine how many feet of tinsel you need. Tinsel curtains are 3x8’, so depending on the size of your vision, factor in how many curtains you should use. 

Pro Tip: these don’t work well against windows unless you layer them! 

  1. Stick a curtain of mylar tinsel directly to the wall where the backdrop will be. No tape required; the tinsel comes with adhesive. 
  2. Cut the bottom of tinsel to adjust the height as needed. 
  3. If setting a table in front of the backdrop, arrange garland across. Disperse ornaments of varying sizes throughout. 
  4. Prep cinnamon-spice cocktails to amp up your scene all the more.

Extra credit: Add a balloon arch to frame the backdrop. Top it off with twinkle lights intertwined throughout the balloons.

how to make an easy backdrop

DIY Flower Wall

What you need:

How to set up:

  1. Assemble 10x10 artificial flower grid panels to the wall interlocked for one large grid. Fit to the size you would like your backdrop.
  2. Add plastic flowers into the grid. The grids have points for plastic flowers to attach securely in any pattern you choose. 
  3. Arrange in rows of the same color.
  4. Add greenery with touches of flowers woven through, or a myriad of your theme’s colors. 
  5. Place neon sign on the flower wall to declare what the party is for (and to use as a caption for your post).
easy diy backdrop

Twinkle Light Backdrop

What you need:

How to set up:

  1. Assemble your rod and hang white and sheer curtains. If placed along a blank white wall, white curtain is not needed.
  2. Dangle strands of lights down from the rod rings. The more lights, always the better.
  3. Place a photogenic sofa in front for your guests to take seated photos.

Wallpaper Hack

For the easiest stick-and-go backdrop, try a wallpaper or decal matching the theme of your event. Tropical oasis theme? Add your island scene with the stick of a wallpaper. Quick and post-worthy.

Pro Tip: Check out Etsy and Wayfair for reusable sticker wallpapers.

how to diy photo opp

Set Up Your Very Own Scene

What you need:

This one depends on the theme you are going for, but to get your brainstorm started…

  • Think of what would represent your party well. For example, if you're hosting a book club, slide your bookshelf onto the scene and arrange your books in the most insta-worthy way you can. 
  • Add any decor to elevate the scene. Think:
  • ~Books
  • ~Plants
  • ~Chiffon runners draped around
  • ~Vases

How to set up:

  1. Start with your base (i.e. bookshelf).
  2. Elaborate with decor.
  3. We never saw a backdrop we didn't like with lights or plants ;) 

Backdrops may be the life of the party you never knew you needed. Let these examples light a fire for your next gathering. They may, after all, just be the backbone that you didn’t know your party needed.

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