5 Playlists for Every Gathering This Summer

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Air pod solo or boating crew cruisin’

Summer 2023 is quickly rolling up and we know that this calls for a summer playlist for every minute of every sunny (or June gloomy) day. Whether you’re throwing the fishing poles into your uncle’s boat for a trip off the grid, working remote as the good employee you are, or hitting the beach with the crew, turn up these summer 2023 playlists to hit play for your summer mood. 

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songs to play on a boat

1. Summer Vibe

Your warm-weather mix of fast beats mashed with chill feel-good hits to bask in the sun to. 

summer playlist 2023

2. Chill Happy

Breathe in summer. Breathe out bliss, smiles, relaxed closed eyes, and pure joy. 

summer 2023 playlist

3.  For your Next Road Trip

Because it really is about the journey… not the end goal. Which is why these playlists will be your soundtrack to every emotion, laugh, and wandering spirit, every mile of the way.

best summer 2023 songs

4. Working on your Wellness

What better time of the year to be your best self than when the Vitamin D runs rampant and the days are long? 

coffee shop songs 2023

5. Background Tunes

If you're wfh (or your fav local coffee shop) or hosting a crew for a BBQ, hit play to guide your creativity and inspo... whether on the grill or your latest marketing campaign.

Can you feel the sun-kissed, slightly sunburnt warmth already? It means hot dogs steaming on the barbeque for some, venturing solo through the desert for others, poring over summer school sessions for the studious few, and the feeling of imminent happy for all. Cheers to summer 2023. We’re so happy you’re here. 

Turn these up for literally any of the following gatherings by Partytrick… or your everyday coffee shop work sesh. 

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