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Christmas, but make it summer

Dreaming of a *warm, sunny Christmas

Since Christmas is six months away, why not celebrate it early? “All I want for Christmas is you” chimes on every radio station, in-stores, and Spotify playlist come December... but is anyone else missing it this time of year? Here’s your chance to blast Mariah Carey and all your favorite Christmas recipes: Summer edition.

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To eat

Switch things up from their standard holiday editions, and pair traditional December dishes with fresh summer bites. Think seasonal sides like chilled broccoli salad, corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, and jalapeno poppers, for starters. 

Recipe by Eating Vibrantly
Seasonal fav: Set up a s'mores board

Since when are Christmas cookies only to be eaten in December? Our favorite Christmas cookies…but make them “anytime” cookies.

Pro Tip: S’mores gingerbread houses are far yummier than well, gingerbread houses.

To drink

Think frozen cocktails in red and green: Watermelon, strawberry, lime, cucumber, and a sprig of mint, to get you dreaming of a (warm, sunny) Christmas.

christmas in july cocktail party

Make it pretty

To decorate

Same rules apply here. Go ahead: Trim a tree (or your halls!) and deck with lights. What’s better than summer cleaning and dressing up with twinkle lights? 

  • Get creative! No need to trim an “evergreen”. Throw some lights on whatever you can find. Hey, even a pineapple works here.
  • Hang these banners for an easy and festive way to stay on-theme:
  • ~Have yourself a beachy little Christmas
  • ~Baby it’s warm outside
  • Mix up your ornaments.
  • ~It’s summer, after all! Turn seashells into ornaments, adorn your tree with mini beach balls, or use leis as garland
  • ~Turn beach balls into giant ornaments for decor
  • Have a pool? Lucky you. Buy winter-themed pool toys and inflatable to turn the water into your own winter wonderland
  • Use a classic red and white tablecloth to merge picnic and Christmas decor
christmas in july decorations

To wear

You may need to lose the Christmas sweater here, but red and green still apply. Leave your layers at home and rock your festive colored shorts and bathing suits. 

Pro Tip: Repurpose your 4th of July bikini, sans stars and blue pieces.
christmas in july party ideas

To listen

You fall in one of two camps here: Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving or never. Well, for you Christmas lovers—the time is now.

To play

The Christmas game options abound, so don’t let us hold you back from any of your go-to holiday games.

  • Inflatable reindeer ring toss
  • Four on a couch
  • Who says you can’t make your gift wishlist until December? Set up a station for writing letters to Santa to get a jump on holiday gifting
  • Slip n Slide instead of sledding
  • Paper chains: If you’re looking to keep kids busy for an hour, whip out the construction paper and tape. Craft a chain ‘til school starts? Or Christmas? Set your timer and get them going.

To gift

Have your naughty and nice levels varied at all since last December? We’re not telling.

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To Watch

Just like the bites, music, and traditions that we’ve put away since the New Year, you may be missing Christmas movies by now. 

Get out the backyard overhead projector for a movie night! You can’t typically do this come Christmastime!

For Fun

Really, what’s more fun than Christmas in summertime? One final thought:

  • Bring back Elf on the Shelf for a summer visit

Let Holly the elf break into all kinds of summer shenanigans that she never gets to try come winter. Sidewalk chalk, making a snow cone snowman, sandbox snow angels, laying out by the pool… your backyard is your oyster. Plus, who doesn’t need a little backup to keep the kids in order this time of summer?

For other tips on keeping your kids entertained, check out School’s Out For Summer
BEST Elf On The Shelf Boat - Ideas For Kids That Are Easy – Toy Ideas –  Funny – Awesome – Creative – Arrival Ideas Too!
Courtesy of Kimspired DIY

We can hear the sleighbells ringing and s'mores around the campfire crackling. Merry Christmas in July, and to all an enjoyable summer.

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