Can Cleaning Be an Experience to Enjoy?

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Infusing self-care into your diffuser 

We know that hosting guests is not always as wonderful as Pinterest makes it look. Cleaning our homes is oftentimes a quick rush to check off the ever-growing list. Planning the little details and bringing them into actuality isn’t always done with ease… but factor in the Homecourt essence of transforming cleaning into an act of self-care, alongside Partytrick, your backpocket party planner, and hosting suddenly becomes the thing you quite cherish even the preparations for. 

Disclaimer: This is, in fact, written by a human, rather than a robotic AI machine that has never once cleaned its kitchen or hosted a gathering. We know what it’s like to make your space presentable and welcoming—and we’re here to help refine your process into one you can truly indulge in.

So how do we do this?

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How to make cleaning your home easier while hosting—and more enjoyable too!

1. For the before and after-party

It won’t come as a surprise that the foundation of preparing your home for your gathering is indeed the cleaning portion. Which, as Homecourt by Courteney Cox has established with grace and flow, can indeed be an act of self-care.

top tips for cleaning my home for a party

Now is your opportunity to reframe cleaning as a chore, and relish the moments of sinking deep into aromas, pristine places, and a home you won’t want to leave. Because as you open up your home for guests to gather, Partytrick has you covered with how to host them well. 

What to use: 

Kitchen Trio: We love it for being the combo of non-negotiables every kitchen needs before and after a party (and sometimes even during just to freshen up… especially when it smells this good). Featuring scents as invigorating as Steeped Rose, Neroli Leaf, Cipres Mint, and Cece—which has hues of cedarwood smoke, sweet cardamom, and white leather—your surfaces, dishes, and hands will be sparkling and nurtured.

homecourt by courteney cox

Pair with these parties by Partytrick:

Curated by hosting experts to ease your preparation, so you can lean back into the art of hosting—backed by tested and true party planners. 

2. For sparking the ambience

When you invite guests into your space, you are the dealer who gets to hand them whichever hand of cards you desire. You hold the wand, and with the wave that you choose, is the experience your guests will have. 

how to set up a party outside

Our olfactory glands are actually our senses most attuned to memory—meaning our sense of smell is what we most associate certain memories with. You know the times when you walk past a store, a certain baked good (hello flaky croissant goodness), or a campfire, and an old memory flashes you back to a very time and place with that scent? Exactly. Partytrick was founded with the intention of inspiring hosts to create experiences with ease that make people feel at home, connected, and comfortable—which are pillars to well-being.

Enact the welcome moment with intention, so your guests experience a retreat for their senses from their first step inside.

What to use:

Homecourt Candle: Because it is lush in scent, lingering in just the way you want it to. 

As you open the door for guests into your home, you get to offer them a sense of beauty. Of savoring an instant of release as they encounter a tranquil scent. May they breathe it in. And just keep on inhaling. Extra points when you have a tray of welcome drinks waiting in the entryway—icing on the cake. Or should we say, sugar on the rim?

homecourt by courtney cox homecourt by courteney cox

Pair with these parties by Partytrick:

3. For creating the spaces

how to set up my house for having people over

As you consider what sort of memories hosting your gathering will bring to life, the physical surroundings and how they’re arranged get to be your vessel. Set the scene for your social butterflies… as well as your caterpillars. This can mean checking for adequate seating in various areas, as well as dispersing bites and sips throughout various locations as an oasis to recharge. Consider how to offer spaces of comfort for your beloved wallflower—as well as areas of relief for the ones who like fresh air while still participating in the party. Unique spaces for unique moods (see #5 here), we like to say. 

For mental mapping out where your people will spend their time, we’ve simplified how to best clean your areas here.

4. For refreshing & resetting freshness

It’s been established that our sense of smell ingests a setting around us—and instills in our memories an experience to recall. For this reason, we believe strongly in taking the front seat where we can in sending the scents out that we intend to in a room… and removing the less desirable ones. Which is why with the capability to reduce and neutralize odors, while infusing fragrant goodness, an intentional refresh is your new go-to. Make memories. Not odors.

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What to use:

Homecourt Room Deodorant: AKA the multi-tasker of the century. It absorbs odors, breaks down bacteria, purifies your air…all while emitting a lasting aroma. Again, in your choice of rose, mint, neroli leaf, and Cece.

With Homecourt’s Room Deodorant, you get to give any room you want a fragrant reset—sans overbearing scents that suffocate upon entering. Hello, rejuvenation.

Pair with these parties by Partytrick:

5. For easing the entire hosting process

Partytrick was created to do exactly this. We provide hosts with tools to make elevating gatherings easier—including party concepts, styled and shoppable decor, customized guidelines, complete with timelines and checklists curated by the pros. So that you can embrace and enjoy your cleaning process with the essence of Homecourt, and truly settle into how wonderful hosting can be, supported by Partytrick.

Pair with literally any party by, you guessed it: Partytrick

how to make hosting easier

Say yes to shifting your perspective of how you view gatherings—from the initial cleaning to waving your guests goodbye. Whether you’re planning a get-together large or small, for a special occasion or simply the (most necessary) excuse of bringing people together, may we instill new energy into your process. As you look ahead at your calendar for opportunities to host—consider how your approach of preparing your space and welcoming guests into your home can offer you the reset you didn’t see coming. Infuse self-care into both your diffuser and planning to-do list… and float along in the process.

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