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The day comes when you’re not prepped and ready. You were not planning to throw a party at home, and suddenly the friends (or out-of-town relatives) are stopping by. You’re in a pinch, but you still want your home to look inviting, and dare we say chic? No stress. We have you set for what to use to decorate with what you have at home. Shoot, don’t let us hold you back from adding these to your party planning checklist for the future though. Whether hustling to make your space ready for guests or planning a party well ahead of time, these easy solutions are for you. Keep it sustainable and make it pretty.

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Flower vases & the like

Because a bloom here and blossom there truly brighten every room.

how to decorate with what you have at home

1. Substitute flower vases

  • Look around and start gathering!
  • Use wine bottles, mason jars, tall drinking glasses, or empty candle glassware.
  • Moral of the story here: You get to be creative with how you display your flowers. They don’t bite (just look out for rose thorns).
Pro Tip: Keep faux greenery, blooms, jasmine branches, or pampas grass on-hand for these circumstances. And for any day you want to nurture your pseudo-green thumb.

2. Utilize small bowls and ramekins

  • Your new home for floating buds or candles
  • Fill them with nuts, seeds, mints, or a sweet. Easy decor, and functional too.

3. Potato chip tins... stay with us

Your empty chip tin can do more than you think. Use it as an ice bucket, fill it with flowers, or throw the champagne in it and you are set.

Photo courtesy of Big Night

4. Repurpose tin cans

  • Use as flower vases, cutlery holders, rolled napkins, you name it.
Pro Tip: Wrap these in construction paper or ribbon. Secure with tape. If you’re outdoors, add some pebbles if wind is a factor. Weatherproof and stylized!

Table decor

Encourage eye contact and convos with these friendly items. No centerpieces interfering with eye level here.  

how to set a table at home

1. Bed sheet as a tablecloth

  • Take your flat sheet, scrunch it up, arrange it in a swirled line down the table, add some candles, and consider your table dreamy. **Not to be confused with a bedside table.

2. Dish towels as placemats

  • Fold them. Spin them on a diagonal. A little personality for every place is something more to love.

3. Garnish with the pretty things you already have

  • Ribbon: Thick and multiple varieties add a new touch to your display.
  • Books: Stack them on different levels, and add the following.
  • Candles: For any mood you like.
  • Flowers: Obviously.
  • Picture frames: Sparks table convo!

Serving ware

Not your grandmother’s fine china. 

what to serve food in at home

1. One set

  • Invest is one basic set of serving ware that you can use for every occasion.
  • Need an idea of where to start? Hint hint. 

2. Mismatched is in

  • If you don't have a go-to set of flatware, lean into the mismatched theme and own it. Mix textures and colors to use what you have and flaunt your varieties of taste. 
  • Glassware of numerous sizes turn out quite aesthetic—choose 2-3 different water glasses for the table and you are set.

3. Serving spoons

  • These are the often-forgotten yet oh-so-important piece that can finalize your time to serve.
  • Pick 2-3 (or more) large serving spoons so when the time comes for big scoops, you have the big spoon.

We’re rooting for you. Next time those guests come unannounced, or your partner forgets to inform you of the people they invited over, or you simply want to elevate your space with what you already have, you are now more prepped than ever.

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