National Ditch Your Resolution Day

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How’s your resolution going so far?

(We get it)

It’s the start of the New Year, and we’ve all heard plenty about the New Year’s Resolutions and ways to better yourselves this year. Shoot, we hope you even threw a Vision Boarding Party with our handy event planning template, because we really do care about personal growth and going after the dreams that ignite that fire inside of you.

On the contrary, it’s Dry January (or is it Damp January… we’ve heard murmurings) and you just may already be sick of the commitment your friend talked you into. Maybe the gym isn’t quite living up to the hype you thought it would. Wherever you land regarding your resolutions—let us be clear—we applaud goals, setting habits, and growing into the you that you love most… sometimes the resolutions need to be ditched and you just need to get your party on.

Happy National Ditch Your Resolution Day. Here’s how to plan a party. 

new years resolution celebrate party

Start Here

No ifs, ands, or buts. We cover all objections here. Your party planning guide is coming right up. Need a theme? (Or a reason to even consider a theme?) Got you. Don’t have enough space? Not a clue where to begin? No excuses, we’ve solved it all for you. 

  1. Top 5 Party Planning Hacks
  2. Why Themed Parties are Easier to Plan
  3. How To Host in a Small Space

Serve This

Forget meal prep in the new year: Throw a take-out party and consider all your guests pleased. 

  1. Turn It Into a Take-Out Party
  2. Sushi Night by Partytrick
ditch your new years resolution sushi part

The Sweets

While you’re at it, ditch the meal prep recipes and healthy cookbooks, and get back to baking. No baking soda? No problem. Here are the top alternative ingredients to find in your pantry when you’re not fully stocked to bake. Voila, now you are. 

  1. Alternative Ingredients When Baking

Staying on the tasty track, and still in search of that little something extra to make your party pop, set up a popcorn bar. Or a hot cocoa bar. Whichever type of bar is your vibe, style it with confidence and it's bound to be a hit. 

  1. How To Set Up a Popcorn Bar
  2. How To Set Up a Hot Cocoa Bar
set up a hot cocoa bar hot chocolate bar

Talk About This

If you’re still in search of improving yourself in some way, we sought out the top recommended methods for engaging in quality conversation. So while you can throw out your resolution, you can still try one of these tactics to better yourself personally…and your relationships too. 

  1. How To Have Better Conversations

Celebrate This

Ultimately, if in doubt, there’s always something to celebrate. So here are 10 ways to celebrate now. 

  1. 10 Ways to Celebrate Now
new years resolution celebrate today

Oh, plus a bonus for you, because don’t we all wish we had an official party planning checklist? 

** Pre-Party Checklist

With that, we invite you to embrace the year. Whether you’re right on course with the regime you set out on January 1st… or you’re wondering what starting fresh in February means, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. We can’t coin that phrase, but hey, we still believe it. So make the most of our party planning tips. Make the most of your year. It’s the only 2023 you’ll get.

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