How Stemware Affects the Taste of Champagne

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What type of glass to drink champagne in

…shape matters

Champagne, bubbly, sparkling wine, fizz—call it what you like—is a wine that is revered for its unique taste, texture, and being called on in the name of all things celebratory. When drinking champagne, did you know that the glass shape physically affects what we taste? The right glass can indeed enhance champagne’s natural qualities and make drinking it (who knew) even more enjoyable. Let’s explore how different shapes and sizes of stemware have an impact on the champagne experience. 

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what to drink champagne out of

What stemware is best to drink champagne in?

Here are our top picks (in order)
Pro Tip: The type of champagne makes a major difference in how its stemware impacts it

1. Oregon Pinot Glass or a White Wine Glass

*Depending on what type of champagne you’re drinking

what type of glass to drink sparkling wine out of

Wide in the middle, narrow at the top

  • Drinking champagne from a wider glass helps you experience more of the aromatic spectrum. You want it to be wider in the middle, and slightly narrower at the top.

White wine glass

  • Champagne is best drunk from a white wine glass. The wider middle allows the aromas to come through, the narrower top controls the acidity.

Pinot noir glass for sparkling rosé

  • Sparkling rosé is best from a Pinot Noir glass, and we specifically love an Oregon Pinot glass. The predominant grape in Rosé is Pinot Noir.

2. Tulip Glass

A tulip glass is essentially an upgraded champagne flute. The top curves in, and it’s better than a flute at funneling the champagne’s aroma toward the drinker’s nose. 

3. Flute

flute glasses for champagne
  • It keeps bubbles in, while trapping aromas. Talk about a multi-tasker. If you’re drinking a good champagne, you won’t fully taste or smell it. When you are drinking from a flute, you’re drinking, not savoring.
  • Not every sparkling wine is meant to stand up to scrutiny. If you opt for a budget bottle or most cava, prosecco, or crémant, or if you are serving a group and need to preserve the carbonation for a longer period of time, a narrow champagne flute is a perfect choice. They’re classic and festive, great for a party.

4. Coupe

what is a coupe glass
  • With the wide mouth of a coupe glass, champagne loses its carbonation very quickly and the aroma escapes too easily.
  • The lack of depth means the bubbles are concentrated in the center, so they move slower, with less bursting at the rim.
  • Coupes undoubtedly have that great “Gatsby” look, but for champagnes of today, which are more dry than sweet, a coupe is not the best choice. 

All this said, the stemware you decide on depends on the occasion! Whichever option you choose should match the mood of the event, and ultimately how you want things to look. 

Psst, looking to drink something other than champagne? Check out Our Top Mocktails to Make. Try any of these stemware recommendations and have yourself a stem-tasting party.

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what kind of glass i should drink champagne out of

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