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"Your energy is the greatest asset to a memorable gathering."
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What's your process for planning a gathering in your home?

First, I start with the occasion and the season. I love using seasonal foliage to help decorate my table, inspire my food, and add fun touches to the presentation.

What are your go-to party activities or games to break the ice?

I like to take all the senses into consideration when I plan a gathering in my home. The music, the lighting, the flow of the party, and what I'm serving for beverages are important ways to make your guests feel at home. I'm not big on games, but I'd say the top two ice breakers I resort to are:

1) Having pre-made beverages ready to hand as soon as guests walk in.

2) Asking a fun (and possibly even slightly uncomfortable question) when my guests are gathered around the table.

This is a great way to break the ice and have a few good laughs. My favorite question to ask....

"What is something you're good at that most people don't know about you?"
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If you had a limited budget to put together a small dinner party, what would you focus on for the tablescape?

Seasonal foliage! It's free and often times right in your back yard or around your hood. A flower or fresh herb tucked into each napkin, palm fronds, sea grapes, twigs or vines as table runners or peeking out from underneath plates.

What makes a great gathering memorable?

People will always remember how they felt in your home even more than what they ate, so remember to plan ahead and give your guests—and yourself—the luxury of you being present instead of busy and flustered. Your energy is the greatest asset to a memorable gathering.

If someone is feeling overwhelmed by hosting their friends in their home, what tips would you give them?

Keep it simple. Ask guests to bring something to alleviate your load. Have everything purchased the day before and mostly prepped 1-2 hours before the event so you can sit and breathe before guests arrive.

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Favorite recipe or food to serve when hosting?

Food Boards! They're so fun and they're great conversation starters. I love to ask people to bring a food board centered around a theme. For example:

"You bring a healthy veggie board, you bring a dessert board, and I'll make a late night snack board."

What is the soundtrack to a dinner party in your home? Have any favorite playlists?

Depending on the occasion, I can play a selection of soft jazz for a chill + classy dinner vibe, a decade-inspired playlist for a fun girls night, or I'll pick someone in my family to put their playlist of choice on during casual weeknight meals.

What is your favorite partytrick?

Spring Secret Garden: A party curated by Partytrick

About our host

Author Lauren Thomas decided to write her cookbook, The Modern Hippie Table, after her lifestyle blog inspired women to reinvent their passion for the home, have fun in the kitchen, and feel at ease while entertaining. Whether she's experimenting with flavors or setting the scene for a beautiful evening, her goal is to bring people together at the table with good food and conversation. Her recipes and tablescapes demonstrate how to turn a casual evening into a lasting memory.

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