Host a Watch Party: Vanderpump Rules Reunion

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It’s All Happening! 

How to Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Reunion

Do you remember where you were when news of the Scandoval broke? We sure do. Ever since, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the Vanderpump Rules so Andy Cohen will finally get our questions answered.

Part one (of three!) of the Season 10 reunion airs May 24th, 2023 on Bravo and Peacock. Rumor has it that Peacock will have extended footage and more exclusive interviews.

IYKYK, this three-part reunion is going to be good as gold. We’ve been waiting all season for this!

Bravo Tv Rules GIF by Slice

To Invite

You’re not important enough to hate. Sit down.” 

  • Invite your friends via the group text that has everyone in it. They’re gonna want to be part of this.
  • Hi-Note has tons of cocktail-themed invites you can send along to your friends. Our favorites:
vanderpump season 10

To Decorate

Make your guests feel like they are right in the Sur dining room (or sitting down at the TomTom bar) with these touches.

Photos from Vanderpump Rules Season 10

To Wear

From Scheana’s crop top wedding dress to Jax’s chunky cardigans, we’ve really seen it all.

  • Greet your guests wearing The original SUR uniform 
  • Assign each guest a different VPR character to dress up as! See who can correctly guess the most accurate characters.

To Eat

“It’s not about the pasta!”
Check out these recipes that will take you less time to put together than it took for Rob to hang Scheana’s TV… 

Or, turn it into a takeout party so you can give the episode your full attention.

When is vanderpump rules reunion

To Drink

“I’m not really sure what I’ve done to you, but I’ll take a pinot grigio.” 

One thing we already know: The cocktails are always flowing with this group of friends.

Vander-pink Margarita

  • 1.5 oz tequila
  • 0.5 oz fresh lime juice
  • Hibiscus
  • White peach
  • Orange liquor
"It’s really sobering to watch yourself highly intoxicated..."
Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Recap and Trailer | Peacock Blog

To Listen

From DJ James Kennedy and Scheane Marie herself, we’ve got you covered with legendary Vanderpump beats to turn up with your guests like it’s your f*cking birthday! 

"Do you have some kind of mind control?"

To Do: Homework

We already know what the main event is, but before you dive in—how about catching up on some of your favorite iconic episodes? 

  • S1E4 - The gang heads to Vegas for Stassi’s birthday and chaos commences… in a parking lot
  • S5E7 - Stassi has Jax on her podcast and gives him a Sociopath test 
  • S2E14 - Season two finale where Kristen finally admits she slept with Jax 
  • Or, make sure you’re completely current using Bravo’s Catch-Up Guide
where to watch vanderpump rules

To Play

In case watching the spectacle of the drama play out isn’t enough for you.

To Gift

Something to give your guests when they finally pick their jaw off the floor and head out the door. 

Grab your cocktail shakers and buckle up—this reunion is definitely going to be one to remember.

So get the crew together for your very own reunion to catch up on all the things Vanderpump Rules. Don't miss this. As Stassi says...

"I just love a chance for things to be about me."
Vanderpump Rules' Season 10: Everything to Know So Far

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