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Q&A with Julie Sabatino, founder of The Stylish Bride

A stylist who specializes in dressing you in a way for any occasion that simultaneously feels both stunning and entirely you: The stylist does not exi—

Oh, but she does. Hello Julie Sabatino, founder of The Stylish Bride. Available both in-person and virtually.

We commonly hear messaging these days to express yourself—and we are here for it. When we step forward into our genuine potential and strength, and live out the beauty that every individual inherently has, inspiration and vision abound. But, how feasible is that actually? The team over at The Stylish Bride is well-versed in waving the wand for women to express themselves authentically: Starting with the inside and splaying out into the gorgeous vessels that they are.

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Partytrick sat down with Julie Sabatino of The Stylish Bride to learn what fashion trends she’s seeing, how to get some inspiration from what’s already in your closet, and her go-to hosting hacks when she gathers at home.

What is Stylish Bride and when was it founded?

We are a company whose goal is to empower women to feel amazing, confident, and comfortable during their wedding (and beyond). Our philosophy is really centered around knowing that if you feel good and confident on the inside, then you’re going to exude that on the outside. Everything we do comes back to the principle of:

“How can we help real women learn about themselves and use that information to get things that they love?”

My team and I have been doing this for about 20 years, and have been lucky enough to support so many phenomenal women during that time. We’ve also evolved a ton since we first launched, and are now able to offer tried and true styling assistance both in-person and virtually.

What are some of your most common requests from clients?

Obviously, we do a ton with dressing and accessorizing for a client’s actual wedding outfit, but it’s become a lot more common to also get styling requests for the other gatherings of the weekend! People don’t want to just look and feel their best during their wedding, they want to throughout each and every celebration leading up to the main event. We also field a ton of requests for looks for mothers of the bride!

What are some trends that you are starting to see more of these days?

Our clients are venturing out into color a lot more, which is really fun. We also get a lot of people wanting “second looks” which are much easier to maneuver in—it’s so important to be comfortable so you can move around, dance, and just have fun.

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What are some tips you would give people to feel their best regardless of what their role is in an occasion?

So, I think a lot of people turn today to social media or regular mainstream media for inspiration. And the way that I like to start with people is to actually look to them and what's already in their closet for inspiration on what to wear. What I mean by this is that if you go in and look at your closet, and know how to do it, you're going to start to notice trends in there that you might not have even really realized were there. 

“You identify your favorite pieces in your closet, the ones that click with you. Once you put those on, you feel great. Then you can use that as inspiration for other things.”

People don’t realize that when you go into your closet and you start looking, you're going to notice things. For me, I love a-line skirts, tops with a V-neck, and a great belt. So when you're shopping, if you know what to use, and how to filter it, you're going to have a lot more success than if you look at the latest trends on social media.

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When you aren’t styling brides, do you like to host? What is your favorite thing about gathering with others?

I love to host. It’s just so fun to get people together. Nine times out of ten, I’d rather host at my own house than go out to a restaurant. It’s just so much more comfortable and fluid, and you’re not just sitting around a table. You can make it so beautiful, and I find it so much more personal and fun to let people into your home to gather rather than just sitting at a table at a restaurant.

What is your go-to partytrick?

We love to do charcuterie platters and cheeses, and serve things that are easy to eat. We really love buying the freshest and best ingredients that we can and making that the focus, as opposed to buying more “stuff” just to have it out. I’ll run around to four or five different sources to make sure I’m getting what I like at each store. 

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What is your go-to mocktail or cocktail?

Even though I can have fewer than I used to, truly, it’s a vodka martini. I’m trying to learn more about tequila and learning a few recipes to have on hand for my friends that love it!

Rapid-fire: Ready...Go!

  • Dinner party vs. daytime brunch: Dinner party
  • Bring the whole family vs. parents' night out: Bring the whole family
  • Cooking everything yourselves vs. potluck style: Cooking ourselves
  • Theme party vs. unthemed: Unthemed
  • More the merrier vs. intimate dinner with just a few: More the merrier

Where can we find more info about The Stylish Bride and working together?

The Stylish Bride can assist with everything—whether you’re just looking for answers to a few of your styling questions or are interested in intensive consultations and shopping experiences. Plus, their virtual styling sessions are a great way to get the styling assistance you need without leaving home! Check the links below for inspiration and to learn more about their services.

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