Everything's Coming Up Roses: DIY

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"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

…and look even sweeter with this layout

Setting the scene presents an entirely new visual when your guests approach a doorway draped in roses. Or sit down at a table garnished with a trail of smoothly assembled blooms. If you’re thinking about how to throw a party at home and create an experience your guests will fall in love with… craft this rose garland and watch their jaws drop and heart eyes swoon. 

Goal: Create a floral garland to dress up a doorway, mantel, or even act as a table runner. Soak foam blocks, trim your florals, and fill in with greenery.

how to make decor with flowers

What you need

  • Floral Foam Garland 
  • ~Make sure to purchase this specifically, not regular "floral foam blocks". The netting is key!
  • Floral Arrangement Kit 
  • ~All the tools of the trade you'll need to create a masterpiece.
  • Floral Shears 
  • ~We love these high-quality shears that will give your stems a crisp cut.
  • ~Pro Tip: Always cut stems at an angle to let the most water in!
  • Flowers
  • ~Roses, Greenery, Eucalyptus
  • ~Whichever kinds tickle you pink, suit your fancy, and all that flowery jazz. Just make sure to have plenty of "filler" as in greens or smaller, less expensive buds so you can maximize your impact. Also – you can TOTALLY use faux flowers!
DIY rose decor

How to make it

  1. Unwrap all your new goodies, including your flowers. Get the blooms soaking in water in a bucket or pitcher.
  2. Submerge and soak the foam blocks in water. We like filling up the bathtub and doing it there so we can still use our sink.
  3. Clear off your mantel, entryway, or tabletop. Make sure to lay down plastic (like this drop cloth) or even aluminum foil, in order to protect your surface.
  4. Move the soaked foam blocks over to your surface.
  5. Trim florals and stick into blocks.
  6. Keep everything looking good by spritzing water on the blooms if you've made it a day or so in advance!

Whatever the occasion may be, the moment you dress it up with roses is the moment that the event is forever transformed. 

Make this rose garland for your next parties:

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