Top Non-Alcoholic Brands That Taste Good

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Our favorite NA brands to drink this spring

For smooth sippin’

The times are a changin’ and alcohol is no longer always the go-to (though this is a judgment-free zone, and we simply want to provide options for all appetites). When it comes to quenching the end-of-day cheers call or filling hands the next time you’re hosting your friends over, here are our top recommended non-alcoholic brands. For satisfying pleasure and upholding follow-up productivity, these top mocktail brands will refresh and replenish. 

Our favorite non-alcoholic beverages 

1. Aplos

best non alcoholic drinks

Aplos is a toast to everyday life, without the ABV. Formulated in collaboration with James Beard honoree and master mixologist, Lynette Marrero, these non-alcoholic spirits are filled with functional ingredients like hemp extra and adaptogens to help you unwind, energize, connect, and calm. We love Calme neat, on-the-rocks, or mixed into a cocktail with cucumber, mint, and fresh lime juice. For another flavor profile, try Arise: Feat. an herbal citrus profile with agave flower, lemon verbena, and black sarawak.

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2. Ghia

best mocktail brands

A non-alcoholic aperitif inspired by the Mediterranean, this grown-up indulgence tastes like summer on the rocks. No added sugar or artificial sugar, yes please! Plus, the bottle would be a delectable x welcomed x gorgeous addition to style any bar cart at your next gathering. That’s a win, in our cocktail cabinet.

Check this spread of tasteful sensations: 

  • Aperitif: Riesling white grape juice, yuzu, lemon balm,fig, elderflower 
  • Ginger: gentian root, ginger, fig, wildflower honey, orange, rosemary 
  • Lime & Salt: lime, lemon, fig, sea salt

3. Surely

best mocktail drinks that taste good

Most non-alcoholic wines are an afterthought. Glorified grape juice if you will! Surely sources grapes from California premium regions, delicately removes the alcohol to retain flavor, and hand selects ingredients to round out the taste. Their sparkling rose is a great add to any baby shower so the mama to be can comfortably participate in the celebration!

No shortage of variety here:

  • Bubble Red
  • Sparkly Rosé
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Sparkling Brut
Pro Tip: Ready to prettify the canned goodness? Chill your glasses ahead of time in the freezer, and dress up your drinks with these tips

4. Curious Elixirs

best na drinks

Have you ever tried a pre-made cocktail in a bottle? Curious Elixirs are booze-free craft cocktails, infused with adaptogens to help you unwind. Pour over ice and pop on a garnish for a no-fuss, delicious pick-me-up. Our favorite is No. 4—it gives Aperol Spritz meets blood orange meets prosecco… but with the de-inflammatory properties of ginseng, turmeric, and holy basil. We’re curious… are you?

More flavors to scratch your curiosity: 

  • No. 1: Pomegranate, bitter orange, lemon
  • No. 2: White grape juice, cucumber, juniper berry, lemon verbena
  • No. 7: Chardonnay juice, green tea, elderflower, lavender

5. Gruvi

what are good nonalcoholic drinks

Made in trendy, outdoorsy Colorado, Gruvi is a best-selling NA beer for a reason easily understood. If you love the taste of an ice cold beer but not how it makes you feel, this is for you. We love filling our cooler with the IPA and the Golden Lager for our picnics on a hot summer day. 

Options abound:

  • Wine: Sangria, dry red, bubbly rosé. dry secco
  • Beer: Stout, pale ale, golden, wit

6. Kin Euphorics

where to buy nonalcoholic drinks

Kin Euphorics is another functional beverage filled with adaptogens that nourish the mind and body. With stunning packaging and an easy to find 4-pack, our favorite Kin Spritz is a sparkling, mood-boosting blend of ginger, bitters, and tart citrus. 

Other flavor highlights to look out for:

  • Actual Sunshine: Pineapple and turmeric
  • Kin Bloom: White grape juice, agave, bourbon vanilla
  • Lightwave: Apple juice, lavender, passion flower
Pro Tip: Find their 4-pack, available at Sprouts nationwide, for ease of shopping and a quick pick-up.

Even if you’re looking simply to drink less alcohol or have friends that don’t partake at all, the ultimate Partytrick is making every guest feel comfortable. That starts with something for them to hold and sip on while enjoying the company and connection of gathering without the stigma. 

Looking to mix up a few non-alcoholic beverages of your own? Our Top Mocktails to Make by Partytrick

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