As 2023 layoffs spike…

Here’s how to embrace, indulge, + thrive

Nothing says mood-booster quite like shutting your laptop on a Friday and popping a bottle. Or concocting a mocktail—we have inspo for those too. 

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We know times are tough, but take this wave as an opportunity to sit back, take a deep breath, and give yourself a little re-set. Amidst the current job market and layoffs galore, surround yourself with the people who will be with you through it all. The ups, the downs, the curves, and the byway detours. Heck, take a detour to the scenic road if you can.

Here’s how to spend your time this weekend, the next few days, or however long you think you need to hit the ‘refresh’ button. We think there’s something for everybody.

Start here

We get it: Layoffs suck—whether you're the one who received the news no one wants to hear, or it's your bff who's down and out. Here's how to best navigate the tough time.

Get your friends together

We can't rely on the job market, but we can count on our friends. Gather them ‘round and have a time.

Treat yo’ self

Let go of extra work (since you don’t have any to do now anyway…too soon?) and let the pros do it for you. Order your fav dishes, re-plate them, and have yourself a night.

Bonus: 5 Tips to Start Learning About Wine

We mean… was there ever a better time to become a wine connoisseur?

Used to being a busybody?

No shade there. If you suddenly have a lot more time on your hands (and maybe even set up interviews already, so you have plenty of time to wait)—here’s how to keep yourself entertained. And feel productive, since that’s your inherent nature.

When you’re ready to start dreaming again…

Not everyday has to be one to think big and feel creative. But when it’s there, gather it up and let your light shine.

How to show your friends you care

Did you get the sh***y text from your friend with the news? Here’s how to give them a smile and let them know it will be ok. 

Bonus: Send a specialty coffee their way: Better than their office’s Keurig ever did. Or, craft a caffeine recharge to fuel their mornings at home:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Frother
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Cacao powder
  • Collagen

Life is unpredictable. Unfortunately, so is the job market. Real life hits, and that’s when moments with friends to cultivate experiences and memories together are all the more meaningful. It’s what we’re all about. Take a moment and just be. You’ll get through it, we promise. May as well care for yourself while in the midst of it.

Let us take care of the art of hosting; All you need to do is invite your favorite people. 

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