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"Great conversation, lots of laughing, some dancing, shoes off."

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What's your process for planning a gathering in your home?

I start planning based on the occasion.

If you had a limited budget to put together a small dinner party, what would you focus on for the tablescape?

Cloth napkins, placemats, and/or tablecloth are a must. They elevate every meal. I also love glassware of any type—if you don't have a full set of one style, mix and match the pieces you have. Also, candles. Tea candles are timeless and are perfect for a limited budget.

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"If you need help, people love to chip in."

What makes a great gathering memorable?

A few things. First, when everyone moves to the couch for dessert, after-dinner drinks, and the music keeps playing. Great conversation, lots of laughing, some dancing, shoes off. Eating and drinking may taper, but never ends.

If someone is feeling overwhelmed by hosting their friends in their home, what tips would you give them?

It's hard but try to be as relaxed as possible. Take a deep breath and know that the ingredients to a great party small or large are: People you love to be around, food, drink, and music. If you have that, you are set. People love being invited to someone else's home. So, you are already doing something good! Just get yourself organized, stocked with the essentials, and if you need help, people love to chip in cooking, chopping, making drinks, whatever. It's interactive and fun. You got this!

"People love being invited to someone else's home. So, you are already doing something good!"
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Favorite recipe or food to serve when hosting?

Roast chicken, big salad, rice dish depending on the season, and a farmer's market bread. It's so easy and I can make it in advance. It's delicious and the table always looks beautiful with all the colors from the dishes and seasonings.

What is the soundtrack to a dinner party in your home? Have any favorite playlists?

It's a bit all over the place. For the first part of the night, my go-tos are Morcheeba, Everything But The Girl, Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman. We move onto jazz for dinner. And then after dinner, if the crowd is right, I love to pass the phone around and everyone plays DJ. It ends up being a great party mix with everyone putting in their picks plus a bit more.

"After dinner, if the crowd is right, I love to pass the phone around and everyone plays DJ."

What is your favorite partytrick?

Having a signature cocktail for the evening. Lots of candles burning. I must say I do love setting the table with my linens from Goldie Home—the patterns and colors set the tone and backdrop for a great night.

About our host

Sara Roberts founded Goldie Home, a tabletop brand specializing in selling art-inspired table linens and pillows for your table and home. Each print in the collection is her original art. The products are meant for everyday use, for special occasions, and everything in between. Sara believes there are few things more fun and sacred then gathering at the table with the people you love so why not do it in style with beautiful things around you. Sara lives in New York City with her two children and husband. Prior to starting Goldie Home in 2021, she worked in fashion and publishing most recently at ELLE.

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