Host a Party: Lunar New Year

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2023: The Year of the Rabbit

Hop to it—parties don’t throw themselves

The Lunar New Year celebration is officially here, beginning on January 22nd, and we can’t wait to kick off the Year of the Rabbit to bring in fortune, health, wealth, and love. As the rabbit symbolizes peace and prosperity, may 2023 be a year of hope. Say hello to welcoming in fresh starts, springtime, and new beginnings. We are fully in support of those.

Here is how to throw a party at home for the Lunar New Year.

To Invite 

There is a lot going on with up to 40 days to celebrate. Kick off the festivities with a personalized invite. For designs ready to send, peruse HiNote and enjoy.

To Eat

All the savory flavors to serve up and savor. Did you know that you could eat dumplings for every meal…of every day of the Lunar New Year? No longer necessary, but the option’s there.


chinese new year 2023



Pro Tip: Make it a Take-Out Party! Support your local Chinese restaurant and order from them. Yay local business.

To Drink

Sip on these, sit back, and celebrate the coming prosperity. Or get up and dance—you know those fireworks will be exciting.

lunar new year cocktail

To Decorate

This is where you shine. Think color, festive, and all the rabbits you can gather (whether real ones or on decor, we’re in support).

Pro Tip: Peonies are good luck! Bonus points if you can find pink or red ones

decorate for lunar new year

To Listen To

Because no party is complete without some prevalent tunes.

To Do: A Craft

Keep with the Lunar New Year theme and send your guests home with a keepsake. Good fortune in hand, yes please. Disclaimer: Don’t eat these ones (we’ve got you covered above, see To Eat).

craft for lunar new year fortune cookie

To Play: Games

It may be made of wooden sticks, but we think this one is better than Jenga.

To Send Them Home With

Party favors so you can remember, reminisce, and reflect back on all the good that started your new year.

What NOT to do? 

Shower, apparently. In order to not wash away the good luck and fortune coming your way, showering and throwing out garbage are not allowed until after the 5th day of celebrations. Finally, a reasonable excuse.

Now, with all the days of celebrating to get to, we think it’s best to jump into festivities. To the Lunar New Year, and all the prosperity it may bring.


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